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Sensitivity of odds-ratios calculated on dichotomized variables to inclusion criteria

A short simulation example showing why dichomization of continuous variables can lead to wrong conclusions.

Creating a bookdown book with the bs4 theme

A short guide to creating a bookdown book using the bs4 theme

What is Gradient Descent? (Part I)

Exploring gradient descent using R and a minimal amount of mathematics

Statistical simulation of robust estimators with tidyverse tools

Tidyverse tools provide a powerful way to do statistical simulations. We demonstrate this approach by evaluating the properties of the mean and median as estimators of center for two distributions.

Using gganimate with ggmap

Combining gganimate with ggmap can be used to create animations of geographic data. I give a few examples using data from Nashville Open Data.

Repeated testing inflates type I error

Type I error is increased when you test your hypothesis multiple times during the data collection process. Simulations can provide a clear picture of this process.

What is a statistic?

Exploring the idea of a statistic by simulating dice rolls in R

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